We Ramen

We decided to create Yaoyao Noodles thanks to our love for ramen noodles. Our story started in Manchester, where we met for the first time. Back then, I was already a recognised head chef in a Japanese restaurant, Umezushi. Being in charge of the kitchen was a big challenge, however, thanks to that I started to develop my interest in traditional ramen noodles. Chenyao has always been cooking amazing Chinese food at home. Noodles are one of the most important food ingredients in her hometown in China. Her knowledge in noodles and Chinese cooking has inspired me in many ways.

Our passion for ramen noodles has always been there. But one could say that everything escalated after our first trip to China as well as other parts of Asia. There are various noodle types and ways of cooking them in China. That is where I have got inspiration. At that moment, we realised that we wanted to make our own noodles and make it our business for life, as soon as after our return. After working on the business plan and all the efforts we have put in this career, Yaoyao Noodles was finally established.

The Sparrows are letting us use brand new kitchen in Red Bank, they are right next to us! If you fancy the best Italian food in Manchester.

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