Are you craving for Ramen during the lockdown?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can now order restaurant-quality ramen and have it delivered to your door. Everything it’s made in house, including the noodles!

Fresh Ramen Noodle Kits

If there is something we’ve got on our hands now it’s time, that’s why we don’t want to take the fun of cooking away from you. We send you the broths ready to heat-up, fresh ramen noodles ready to boil and garnishes. You will find cooking instructions at every product description on our website.

Ramen is best enjoyed as soon as you put your cooked noodles in the steaming bowl of soup. In Japan, they say you’ve got only 5 minutes to eat them. That’s the reason why it’s best if you make your ramen. Plus it is a lot more fun! You’ll have your steaming ramen bowl ready in less than 5 min!

Cooked by Omar Rodriguez former Head Chef of Umezushi
" The ramen kit was just amazing! So much fun and easy to do, and the flavours where just delicious, to get that but at home was something we didn't think possible. So glad we found YaoYao noodles 🙂 "
"Great choice of ramen to assemble at home. Just heat the ingredients and chop the vegetables and 5 mins later you have amazing ramen. Each portion easily feeds two and is very generous. Ordering is easy and delivery was fast and well packaged"
"Brilliant ramen, just the right portion size at a very affordable price! The broth was rich and tasty, the veg is fresh and great quality and the eggs were cooked perfectly! I can't wait to try my second portion! Oh and the service was great too, appropriate social distancing and quick delivery from a lovely human."


Each ramen kit will bring enough ingredients to prepare 2 generous bowls of ramen. It will contain noodles, broth or sauce, marinated and cooked meats, garnishes and a recipe card.
We are chefs and not assemblers. Everything is made in house in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. Our flour, meat and most of our vegetables are local.
We also partnered up with small businesses surrounding us in Manchester to offer you delicious drinks, pickles and more which you can add to your kits.
Everything will arrive in a well-insulated box that will keep your ingredients cold for over 48 hours.

Each kit you order will come with a recipe card with step by step instructions that are very easy to follow. All of our recipe cards are also available on our website and our Instagram account. Just warm-up the broth, chop-up the garnishes, reheat the meats and cooked the noodles. That simple!
Our ramen kits will keep in the fridge for three days. The broth, meats and noodles can also be frozen for up to 1 month. This, along with allergens, can be found in our menu on the website and on the recipe cards.

We deliver Tuesday to Saturday. We use next day delivery services. Orders placed before 4 pm will receive the kits 2 days after.

We don’t charge for delivery to all orders of 2 kits or more. There is a small fee of £2.50 for order of 1 kit.

Yes, all our packaging is recyclable. We use boxes, insulation and ice packs made 100% from recycled materials and are fully recyclable. The pouches and pots we send our kits in are also recyclable.
This is very important to us. Using recycled materials helps but for us, the most important thing, is to reduce packaging to a minimum. This is some of the measurements we have taken: We buy all our ingredients in bulk quantities and never in single-portion packaging. We will never send you a sachet of soy sauce or vinegar. We make our own broth and sauces and pack them in a single pouch. We group ingredients in order to reduce single-use packaging. For example, we pre-mix the ramen broth with the “tare” (seasoning) and aromatic oil. We also group our garnishes in a single pot. This adds more work for us but allow us to send 2 pouches instead of six.
No, we love all things noodles. You will find in our menu Chinese, Korean and Thai dishes too. All of course, handmade in small batches in our premises.
Please do not hesitate to contact us on info@yaoyaonoodles.co.uk or DM us on YaoYao’s Instagram!
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